Project Management with projectPDQ™

Designing and Delivering projects for business benefit - development and implementation.

Diagnosing and Fixing Project Problems in Information Systems projects.

What is projectPDQ?

A structured and repeatable approach to assessing the quality of a project resulting in a Project Diagnostic Quotient and a delivery or problem resolution plan.

A project can be diagnosed at inception (even conception) stage - this takes a view of all the risk factors to produce a balanced PDQ. These factors include:

Organisational Factors

  • Capability Maturity Model - organisations may score well on this scale but projects may still fail because of poor design or project-specific factors.
  • Project InDigestion - an organisation may score well on CMM, but under relentless and highly pressured business change rates, the capacity of the organisation to digest a particular project at a particular time may be very limited, with inter-project dependencies and resource scarcity setting a project up for failure.

Project Factors

  • project-specific technology literacy
  • requirements clarity
  • business process model quality
  • scale of change
  • rate of business change anticipated during the project lifecycle
  • training requirements
  • resource requirements
  • proposed methodology

Project PDQ is not a remote self service diagnostic tool. Such tools produce feedback that is based on the input of interested parties. That introduces the risk of bias. Projects are about people working together effectively.

The technique uses experienced consultants for design of new projects and investigation of failing projects. The use of highly experienced consultants means that a sharp focus is rapidly developed on the key problem areas.

This leads to short timescale indication of problem resolution strategies, so minimising misdirected project cash burn.

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