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  • What is CMM?
    A brief overview of the Capability Maturity Model ('CMM™') and its relevance to software houses and large commercial off-the-shelf-software companies. How does it differ from ISO 9001? What use is it in today's development markets and international outsourcing? Have you been measured up?
  • What is RUP?
    RUP (TM) - a brief overview of the process framework, and how it should be used.
  • What is Contingent Project Management?
    Contingent Project Management - flexing the project managament processes to suit individual project risk profiles requires a project manager with a big toolbox of techniques and experiences.
  • SEO - The Death of Keywords Part 1
    Are keywords dead as a concept? This article discusses the impact of recent changes to the Google search engine.
  • Google as a Neural Network
    Why Google is like a neural network and the human brain - synapses, short term memory, long term memory, learning.
  • Project Management Gantt Chart Slave
    Are you a Gantt chart slave, working to maintain a plan and not working to deliver a plan? Tips and strategies to retake project management from the adminstrators.