SEO Content Services

When it comes to SEO, quality counts.

Google’s lexical analysis algorithms grow ever more sophisticated and calculate a measure of the quality of content. With search engine algorithms changing regularly, it can be hard for a business to keep track of SEO optimisation drift. Taken in tandem with user voting, residence times, page views and other data, search engines can develop an accurate rating of the value of your content to users, and that is why, when it comes to SEO, quality really does count.

SEO content services is where our content web content service is focused. Content as a service is here, today.

We provide advice on campaign definition and profiling, content type, content collateral ratios, keyword selection (including mobile site focus), density, in-page optimisation and other factors which influence content value perception.

ProjectPDQ SEO and content services embrace:

Site Analysis

Compares site to their competition, we measure backlink comparatives and soft targets for Google page 1 listing. We will tell you how many links, from what PR level and TLD types, you need to overtake your competition.

Content as a Service

In the modern internet marketing world, content is like a fuel. We can provide you with that fuel line, supplying constant content for you, fuelling your online business. We have a range of specialist subject areas, and regular clients. Content as a service is here, so start fuelling your content management system now.

Web content creation – from a page to a whole site

Our content writing service provides content from meta descriptions through to complete eBooks and complete websites.
Content optimisation
Article writing
eBook creation
Blog posts
Forum posts
Facebook content creation
Product descriptions
Article Directory posting

Marketing Content

Vision, Mission and Credo development
Press release creation
Sales and Landing Page development
Email campaigns
Autoresponder content
Sales and Marketing brochure content

Contact ProjectPDQ now to find out how we can help you identify opportunities, build and optimise new content to fuel your online business.